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Coalition Building

Building a coalition to support your initiatives, products and services is essential for a successful product launch or public policy campaign. We identify and develop dialogue with third parties to lend credible support and build momentum for our clients.

Data Development & Management

Data driven decision-making is a core component of every solid business decision. We work with clients to identify policy makers and the constituencies able to impact public opinion. Through innovative tools, such as, we can both measure effectiveness and engage comprehensive audiences to support your objectives.

Government Relations

Influencing policy makers, whether at the city, county, state or federal level takes an in-depth understanding of the internal and external workings of government. We utilize our experience and our relationships to ensure your voice is heard and your agenda moves through the public policy arena, resonating with key decision makers.

Grassroots Marketing & Mobilization

Building a robust network of support from the ground up and creating strong alliances ensures our clients gain momentum and strength for their advocacy campaign. We identify, recruit, educate and mobilize third-party stakeholders to become advocates for our clients.

Public Relations

Public relations means more than just media relations in the twenty first century; it demands attention to all facets of our client’s public image. Whether it’s developing a brand identity, creating core messaging, telling a story in multiple media formats, implementing media relations or controlling crisis communications, we have the experience, tools, savvy and tactical fortitude to accomplish any mission.

Social Media

Opinions shape and shift through many avenues; one that can be no longer ignored is social media. It’s not enough to start an account, its content that drives followers and shapes opinion. We generate an ongoing stream of content and utilize tools to expand your network and base of support. We track and monitor activities to ensure your social media efforts are producing the necessary results.


The Connolly Kuhl Group works with various partners to ensure that each project has the necessary talent and brainpower to ensure success. Partners include:

Dowell Stute & Associates
Richter Picture
Mason Public Affairs
RDL & Associates 
612 Social

Zipko Strategy